Hamad Al Qamra welcomes the Minister of Education and Higher Education in Royal Grammar School Guilford Qatar

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Abd Alwahed Alhammady – Minister of Education and Higher Education of the State of Qatar visited Royal Grammar School Guilford Qatar last February 02, 2017. He was warmly received by Mr. Hamad Al Qamra – Chairman of Al Qamra Holding Group. The brief visit was intended to showcase the state of the art classrooms, activity rooms, sports hall, outdoor sports facilities and the school library which were adequately provided to meet the requirements and the educational needs of the students. The library which contains more than 4,000 books can be considered as at par with other international schools in the region.

During his visit, the Minister expressed his sincere admiration with the school’s facilities, the outstanding British education system and curricula and above all the people behind the present stature of Royal Grammar School Guildford Qatar. Certainly, the school will enhance the formative years of the children and soon become a frontier of sustained educational growth benefiting the society and the country as a whole.

Royal Grammar School is the first branch to be opened outside the United Kingdom. In the UK, it is considered to be one of the elite and best schools demonstrating 500 years of excellent and innovative educational service to the British people. It consistently upholds its thrust towards maintaining excellence in education. Such feat is solidified by various certifications which the school has received from different accrediting educational bodies in the United Kingdom. Needless to say, the school continues to be a perfect honing ground of young minds from different walks of life who dreamed of landing in prestigious universities like Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge as they embrace the higher stage of learning.

With much optimism, Royal Grammar School Guilford Qatar will certainly play a pivotal role in advancing the educational standards of the country. Such drive is consistent with Qatar’s strategic vision 2030 under the patronage of Highness Excellency Sheik Tamim Bin Hamad Emir of Qatar.

At Al Qamra Holding Group, education is considered to be one of the main sectors of its business, Mr. Hamad Al Qamra values and supports this sector in all aspects.  It is his belief that education is an essential element to unlocking the potential of every human being – instrumental to promoting social and economic prosperity and the relentless nation building in the State of Qatar.